BAXS Accuracy System and Slide-Lock Technology With the SIG Sauer SP2022

A percentage of this description of the handgun is from our website, following that; I would like to share with you some information I’ve gathered from other gamers and a few other articles.

SIG SAUER SP2022 CO2 Pistol

Description: This is a semi-automatic SIG SAUER SP 2022 with a full metal slide. With Sig Sauer Trademarks etched onto the slide. It locations up to 380 fsp by using a CO2 cartridge. You can also get up to 300 shots off one cartridge. There Sig 320 are many advanced features including upgraded power and performance, realistic weight, integrated slide-lock technology And the patented BAXS accuracy system to make this one of the most realistic Airsoft pistols available today.

How does the BAXS System compare to Stay Up?

An old-fashioned stay up system (a system allowing the user to modify the accuracy of their airsoft gun) only has two points of contact: top and bottom, which still allows the handgun to shoot the BB left or right.

The BASX system has three points of contact: two at the top and one on the bottom that advances the weight of the BB consistently. It also improves accuracy by putting a backspin on the BB as it exits the clip or barrel for maximum effective range and a straighter shooting velocity.

Many airsoft players have complaints about the pull of a handgun to the right or left. This BAXS system should remove that problem. Here is what a few had to say regarding this handgun.

“I love this handgun! It is great! I’m a more experienced player from paintball, airsoft, and target shooting with real pistols. I have several rifles. This makes a great extra weapon. The weight and feel of this handgun is nearly the same as genuine. I LOVE IT! inches

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