Craps Is one of the Favorite Games at Any Casino

Have you ever been in a casino? If yes, you could have notice rows of table where many people gather, screaming and hollering at each other and laughing out loud once their proposition wagers win. Such a picture is very exciting and it can also draw you to check out what is happening in there. Once you approach the judi slot table you will notice that you are going a cube while the others are screaming at him and the others are cheering him too. He finally rolls the cube, everyone is silent, others clasping their hands among others hope their proposition wagers would win. A few minutes later there was a loud brighten, successful through the halls of the casino building, they won! What a relief for most players, then you ask the guy in front of you, what is this game? He will basically say to you “Its craps man! inches And you will probably say “It’s what? inches with a big confusion mentally. If you want to know it then please read on.

Craps is essentially a cube game which is played by simply going a cube. The possible results are 2 to 12 depending on its outcome. For newbies the craps table looks very puzzling because there are so many numbers plus you don’t know how to place your bet. If you have actually seen a craps table each side of the table showcases face each other and in the middle of this is where you will place your proposition wagers. The craps table is designed in this way so it can take proposition wagers for as many players as they are and to accommodate multiple proposition wagers for one player.

The workers in the craps table are; the boxman is the person who guards the chips, and supervises the dealers and handles the chips to the players; there are also two base dealers who stand near the boxman who will collect and pay the debts; happening the stickman is the one who stands opposite of the box man, he is the one who announces the proposition wagers, rolls the cube, and tell the base dealers who will be paid.


The craps game although frequently played in casino can also be played at home. The advantages of playing it at home are comfort and entertainment. You can invite your friends at home and have a craps game which will be a clean and fun game.


The values of craps table are pretty expensive however it can be sensible to buy it because you could play craps game while at home without the hassle of going to the casino. If you want to operate a casino then it is wise to invest in craps table because it is one of the most played games in the casino. Some of the craps table manufacturer also offer discount prices at bulk purchases. What are you waiting for, whether use the craps table at home or for business, purchase one now to experience a real craps game.

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